Dr. A. H. J., Harry Rajamannan, DVM, Ph.D

Dr. A. H. J., Harry Rajamannan, DVM, Ph.D

Marchigiana cattle were introduced in the United States in 1973, by University of Minnesota professor Dr. Harry Rajamannan. He managed to obtain an import permit for semen from four bulls and America had its first Marchigiana calves on the ground in 1973, the same year the American International Marchigiana Society (Marky Cattle Association) was formed in Minnesota. It moved to Tyler, Texas in October 1974. In May of 1979, the association was located in Atlanta, Texas. It was at this time that the American International Marchigiana Society's name was shortened to the Marky Cattle Association. The association was moved to Denver, Colorado in 1981, and finally, in 1984, settled in Walton, Kansas. Martie TenEyck, avid Marchigiana breeder and supporter, has been the Executive Secretary of the Association since 1984.

The early years did not favor a large expansion of the Marchigiana cattle. Registration, cattle prices, membership dues -- all were too expensive and were geared toward wealthier individuals seeking a tax break. A change in the tax laws caused many of the original members to drop out of the association in the late seventies. The remaining breeders were aware of the exceptional merits of these fine cattle, and have continued raising Marchigiana cattle. Those breeders and those who have joined along the way are truly dedicated to the breed.

The original importation in 1973 included six fullbloods, four cows and two bulls, imported into the USA directly. They are M.A. Scafell Jubliee, GCF Julia, GCF Justinada, Lulu, Laccio and BOJO. A number of fullbloods have come into the USA through Canada, both through the original importation and throughout the years.  Semen and embryos have also been imported from Italy in recent years.